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Our Story: Design by M&M's Journey in Crafting Dream Spaces

Our experienced team at Design by MM reflects excellence in every home. The dedication and passion of our principals have shaped a successful group.

Committed to integrity, loyalty, and client relationships, we excel in custom home development. What makes us unique is our affordable customization, allowing clients to personalize homes within their budget.

Mr. Mateo Moshe

We Understand

From floor plans to design features to where you live in the community, no two design homes are ever the same. Just like no two design homes are the same, no two budgets are either. You have exceptional control when building your new home.

We are Precise

With a focus on integrity and loyalty. We care about your family’s unique needs and want you to be happy with your home for the long-term.

Modern design for today and tomorrow, for beauty and quality. 

We are Professional and Precise Builders

Our reliable team is dedicated to delivering expertly engineered precast concrete solutions and getting the job done right the first time. If you’re searching for a smart solution to a complex challenge, you’ve come to the right place; Design by MM

Building Trust: Design by M&M's Legacy of Customer Satisfaction"

Design By MM has the ability to deliver high-quality homes with expert craftsmanship.

Design by MM